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Intelligent dispatch

Ensuring the quality and effectiveness of care has never been easier.

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Share information more effectively

With constant two-way communication.


Get there faster

With up-to-date mapping and optimal route planning.


Focus on what matters

With intelligent automation and analysis features. 


Permanent communication

Our platform ensures efficient two-way communication between dispatchers and teams on the road. The notification system allows you to instantly communicate important announcements to the entire fleet or provide additional information to a specific team.

Transport management

Transportation planning is simplified by giving healthcare facilities the ability to place their own requests. Finance is also facilitated by taking advantage of the integration of our management module with most accounting solutions used in the industry.

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Fleet Management - navigation

Precise navigation

The application provides the optimal route and decision support indicators such as navigation time, distance from the pick-up point to the destination. The supervisor can rely on an intuitive dashboard that shows the location and status of all vehicles.

Optimal organization of non-emergency medical transport

Prehos simplifies transportation between healthcare facilities. Managers and dispatchers have real-time visibility into the location and status of vehicles, allowing them to plan trips and assign teams in an optimal manner. 

The application suggests an optimal route from the pick-up point to the destination, taking into account factors such as traffic conditions and public works.