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Data analysis

Ensuring the quality and effectiveness of care has never been easier.

data intelligence-3

Simplify daily management

With data visualized in intuitive dashboards.


Access information quickly

With advanced search functions.


Save time

With intelligent automation and analysis features.

Efficacité opérationnelle

Operational efficiency

Our powerful search engine makes it easy to find any relevant information with a few clicks. Intuitive dashboards allow management teams to have consolidated information on the current state of the situation and make informed decisions.

Statistical reports

With the intelligent analysis tools of the Prehos platform, users can create automations to generate statistical reports at regular intervals or send notifications based on established rules.

Rapports Statistiques
Audit et modifications

Audits and modifications

Quick access to past clinical information allows paramedics to make better decisions and saves valuable time so they can focus on patient care.

Real-time data at your service

Préhos collects, analyzes and interprets masses of information from the field in real time. Get the right information every time with tools that are as powerful as they are easy to use. Ensuring the quality and efficiency of care has never been easier.