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Care management

Community Paramedicine and EMS ePCR software

Gestion des soins-2

Make better decisions

With a complete overview of the interventions.


Save time

With a single, synchronized patient record in real time.


Increase efficiency

With reports that are straight to the point.

Solution intégrée

Integrated solution

In addition to clinical reports and care documentation, data from platform-integrated equipment, such as the semi-automatic defibrillator monitor or the computer-assisted dispatch system, are also saved in the patient record.

Better collaboration

Prehos facilitates the exchange of information in a standardized format regulated by the Ministry. Depending on the data exchange agreements, the ability to share the patient's record with the appropriate entities promotes better collaboration between the various stakeholders.

Information patient

All the information in hand

Quick access to past clinical information allows paramedics to make better decisions and saves valuable time so they can focus on patient care.

One patient, one record

The care management approach proposed by Préhos is based on the centralization and accessibility of data. All patient information such as medical history, allergies, medication, clinical reports and progress notes are grouped in a single file. The ability to add images and other files without limitation allows you to have all the information you need to fully understand the patient's health status.