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Better management,
better operations,
better patient care.

Point-of-care software solution streamlining mobile integrated health workflows with real-time insights, optimizing time and delivering critical patient information.


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Powered by data. Patient-centric.

Created for managers and paramedics

Prehos offers powerful digital tools that help managers and paramedics coordinate and deliver the best care. We support pre-hospital emergency care, home care, community paramedicine and patient transport.



Resource optimization

Prehos puts the power of real-time data analysis through artificial intelligence to work for patient care.


Decision-making support

Armed with a tablet or smartphone, paramedics can assess the situation, make good decisions and report back faster than ever.


Field tested

To create Prehos, the team accompanied paramedics in intervention for over 700 hours.


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Prehos redefines paramedic's time

We offer the tools to extra-hospital teams to facilitate, improve and optimize administrative processes that are often too cumbersome and without added value.